About Lazy B Ranch

 Located in the scenic Texas Hill Country on the edge of West Texas. Established in 2008.  Dedicated to raising quality beef free of hormones, antibiotics  and grain.

While  Lazy B Beef is not certified grass fed, you have our assurance  our animals are not injected with hormones or antibiotics unless absolutely necessary and no grains are fed.

  Our pastures are mostly native grasses. As much as possible we remove all weeds and cactus  physically.  If you care about how the beef  you eat  is raised and fed like we do, we are sure you will be happy with Lazy B Ranch beef.  We are also proud to say that we are also totally off the grid . Our power needs  are supplied by solar and wind and we also collect our rainwater.

American Aberdeen Angus Cattle


A smaller frame Angus. The American Aberdeen is close to the size of the original Angus cattle before it was bred up to be a larger animal.

   We are raising percentage American Aberdeen Angus. There are many advantages to raising American Aberdeen cattle. If you prefer to have that ribeye, new york  or tenderloin steak a size that you feel comfortable eating in one sitting, our steaks may be right for you. And buying just a 1/4 of a beef can be a lot easier on the pocket book and the freezer space.  Most important of course, is quality. If American Aberdeen are not the best at finishing on grass, I don't know what is.

  Our goal is to minimize environmental impact while protecting our animals.  We sell shares of our animals. They can be purchased by 1/4, 1/2 or whole animal. They are slaughtered and processed by  a local hill country  butcher shop. Call, email or text for current pricing and availability.



Lazy B beef , Its whats for dinner!

Lazy B Ranch Guest House

Lee and Kacey Butcher moved to the Texas Hill Country from Alaska in 2008. A very difficult decision to make. No regrets! Living off the grid and out of the way is not new for us. Happy to say we were not born in Texas but we came here as soon as we could.