MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!                         Even though it's December be careful out there during warm spells. These two snakes were taken in December a few years back.

                                                                                                              Sure do miss this old boy. Always so amazed of how sweet our bull Sir Loin was. He loved his back scratches

Arm Roast

Zola keeping Brisket calm during labor

These  two bucks made it to the freezer and  the racks  are ready for the wall

The amnion sac did not tear and first time mom was slow to respond so Lee cleared the sac and massaged the lungs to encourage those first breaths

Sirloin Steak

Lazy B Ranch

Looking forward to this springs wildflowers, keep blessing us with wonderful colors. Throw in a painted bunting


The myth that cattle have to be finished on grain to be well marbled, tender and tasty has been  debunked on the Lazy B. Check out these steaks and roast that we have been enjoying from our latest harvest.

July 23rd  Hot and Dry

Ribeye Steaks

A spectacular hill country wildflower season

July 9th Princess gave birth to a frisky calf. Her third calf. Always with out a hitch. A great young momma.

 Sir Loin Loves his scratches

Two days later Brisket and T-Bone looking good

                             The miracle of birth                                                                First time momma Brisket and her son T-Bone II