Two days later Brisket and T-Bone looking good

Ribeye Steaks

July 29 th and 30th 2016

What a great birthday. Maverick brings out some scrap, unused parts and pieces and used, slightly damaged 30 year old solar panels and walla more power to help run the AC battle this 100 degree weather. Only down fall I can see working with Maverick on any solar project, never get to set up in the shade. At least this was a short hop to the pool and cold beer.

Petite Filet (Petey)    December 20th    Less than a month  before  she goes to Dutchmans. Looking good and she is finishing off her daily chaffhaye. All 1/4's are spoken for.  We sure are looking forward to Petey coming to dinner.   We kept another heifer back for breeding so our next available steer  will be ready some time after the middle of July depending on the spring grass.

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June 14th and the wildflowers keep blessing us with wonderful colors. Throw in a painted bunting

Dusting the herd with diatomaceous  earth to help battle flies and other parasites. They get apple cider vinegar in the water trough to help with internal parasites.

         May 27th                                                                                                                                              Always so amazed of how sweet our bull Sir Loin is. He luvs his back scratches

                             The miracle of birth                                                                First time momma Brisket and her son T-Bone II

                                                               May 8th

The myth that cattle have to be finished on grain to be well marbled, tender and tasty has been  debunked on the Lazy B. Check out these steaks and roast that we have been enjoying from our latest harvest.

Thats right , it is as dry out here as it looks. Pray for rain!

Arm Roast

May 28th                                                                                                                                                                                               Shredding the weeds and wildflowers and picking out the occasional leftover prickly pear. Grow grass grow

July 9th Princess gave birth to a frisky calf. Her third calf. Always with out a hitch. A great young momma.

July 23rd  Hot and Dry

Front feet first the way it is suppose to be


Now over 5 inches of rain over the last 9 days . All the rain tanks are full and the grass is greening up. Thank you  Lord!

 Sir Loin Loves his scratches

August 13th        Over two months since we have had any rain!

This one passed us by, but thank the lord we did get just under an inch (.97) the night before. Lord we still have plenty of room in our rain tanks, keep those showers coming. 

March 4th 2017,                                                                                                          Had a delicious sirloin steak from our recently butchered beef. Its starting to look like we may be sold out of beef until next winter. Happy repeat customers are sending in deposits well in advance. Lets us know if you are interested in future sales.

Zola keeping Brisket calm during labor

May 17th.

We made an appointment at Dutchmans Meat market in Fredericksburg Texas for August 9th.It appears all four quarters are spoken for but we are still waiting for a couple deposits. Contact us if you would like to be on a standby list.

What a pleasant surprise. Joyce our 3/4 blood American Aberdeen Angus cow , who we have been patiently waiting to calve since we brought  her home last October, showed up with a new born calf. She was not ready to be approached and headed for privacy before we could sex her calf. Jesse will be the name. Named after our son Jesse also born on the 7th of July (30 years ago).    Welcome to our herd Jesse.

These  two bucks made it to the freezer and  the racks  are ready for the wall

The amnion sac did not tear and first time mom was slow to respond so Lee cleared the sac and massaged the lungs to encourage those first breaths

Sirloin Steak

Lazy B Ranch

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Lazy B snake trap caught this dandy along with a rat on 11/19/16

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!                         Even though it's December be careful out there during warm spells. These two snakes were taken in December a few years back.