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                                 Frac and her heifer calf Winter.                                   Winter and her 1/2 brother Thunder left us this fall. They went to a good home in Campwood  to help start a new American Aberdeen herd.

Welcome to the herd Sunny,

  guess what kinda day it was when frac gave birth  to this heifer calf.

Meet Jesse 7/8 blood American Aberdeen Angus. Welcome to the herd


Sir  Loin our 3/4 American Aberdeen bull

Autumn Rain       born September 1 ,2016

Summer Heat  Born 7/09/16  a 3/8 American Aberdeen heifer

The gang of four out for a drink. Summer of 2017 calf crop. All boys.

Harvey arrived as the hurricane battered south east Texas. Born 8/28/17. Son of Miley and Chance. Ear tagged and vaccinated. He will remain intact to see if he measures up and anybody is interested in a 7/8 Aberdeen Angus bull calf for their herd.

T-Bone II  Born  November 5th 2016 a 50% lowline  bull calf                     soon to be a steer in line for the dinner table. Gone but not forgotten. Sold as grass fed beef.

Short Rib , aka Shorty born a bull calf on 8/11/17 joined the herd this morning, 7/13/17 as  a young steer tagged and vaccinated. Two long years until we get a taste of those short ribs.

Welcome to our herd  Miley and Joyce 3/4 American Aberdeen cows joined us on  10/26/2016. Both gave us  a bull calf. This summer.

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Fric, 3/4 American Aberdeen cow and her first calf, Thunder , Thunder has a new  home and we expect him to grow up to be a good herd bull

Move over Sunny and make room for your little sister Breezy born on March 31st 2017

Sunny and Breezy both have a new home with good owners

The Baron  born 7/22/17 son of Princess and Sir Loin. Ear tagged, vaccinated and castrated. 50% Aberdeen/ Angus in the grass fed beef line.