Lazy B Ranch

The gang of four out for a drink. Summer of 2017 calf crop. All boys.

Short Rib , aka Shorty born a bull calf on 8/11/17 joined the herd this morning, 7/13/17 as  a young steer tagged and vaccinated. Two long years until we get a taste of those short ribs.

Welcome to our herd  Miley and Joyce 3/4 American Aberdeen cows joined us on  10/26/2016. Both gave us  a bull calf. This summer.

The Baron  born 7/22/17 son of Princess and Sir Loin. Ear tagged, vaccinated and castrated. 50% Aberdeen/ Angus in the grass fed beef line.

Harvey arrived as the hurricane battered south east Texas. Born 8/28/17. Son of Miley and Chance. Ear tagged and vaccinated. He will remain intact to see if he measures up and anybody is interested in a 7/8 Aberdeen Angus bull calf for their herd.

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Move over Sunny and make room for your little sister Breezy born on March 31st 2017

Meet our fall crop of bull calfs. These boys are the last of Sir loins offspring. All are presently steers and will be in line for harvest in the 2020 fall.   #19 Sir Loin Jr, #20 Flood born during the October flood

                                 Frac and her heifer calf Winter.                                   Winter and her 1/2 brother Thunder left us this fall. They went to a good home in Campwood  to help start a new American Aberdeen herd.

Welcome to the herd Sunny,

  guess what kinda day it was when frac gave birth  to this heifer calf.

Registered full blood Aberdeen Angus  bull calf. Harvey was born while hurricane Harvey was raising hell DOB 7/28/17. Fertility tested in November this year Harvey is ready to quit butting heads with his brother and join a new herd..

Fric, 3/4 American Aberdeen cow and her first calf, Thunder , Thunder has a new  home and we expect him to grow up to be a good herd bull

Sunny and Breezy both have a new home with good owners

Meet Jesse 7/8 blood American Aberdeen Angus. Welcome to the herd


Sir  Loin our 3/4 American Aberdeen bull

Summer Heat  Born 7/09/16  a 3/8 American Aberdeen heifer

Autumn Rain       born September 1 ,2016

T-Bone II  Born  November 5th 2016 a 50% lowline  bull calf                     soon to be a steer in line for the dinner table. Gone but not forgotten. Sold as grass fed beef.